Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

Cell Phone Stand $9  /   Studded Flats $51  /  Heart Pullover $50  /  Slippers $24  /   
Sunglasses $16  /  Coffee Mug $15  /  Tote $15 Heart Earrings  $10
Fuzzy Hoodie $79.50   /  Beauty Case $29  /   Heart Pillow $49

I can't believe Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  I feel like this year is flying by!  I've rounded up a few items that I'd love my hubby to get me for Valentine's Day.  This cell phone stand is one of my best Amazon purchases ever.  It's so handy to have one sitting on your nightstand, office desk, and in your kitchen.  The pretty pink tote is just $15 and the best-selling tote bag on Amazon.  It comes in tons of colors too!  The studded Valentino-dupe flats are another great Amazon find and just $50, compared to $675 for the designer pair (no thank you).  

I hope you all enjoy your week!  Hopefully those of you that were affected by the polar vortex arctic freeze (like I was) will have some warmer weather coming your way.

And I want to know ... do you like getting flowers for Valentine's Day?  I used to HATE it because I thought it was such a waste of money, but the older I get, the more I appreciate a good bunch of roses.  Maybe because I don't get them very often anymore, lol ...