October Amazon Favorites

These days you can buy pretty much anything on Amazon, and I spend a good chunk of change each month doing just that.  I went through my October purchases and found the best items ... and they all just happen to be less than $20!  You can check out my complete list of recommended Amazon products here.

These S & T Always Off Makeup Remover Cloths are a new staple in my nightly beauty regimen.  I'd heard great things about the Norwex and Miracle Face Eraser Makeup Removing Cloths but wasn't thrilled about spending $20 on one.  If you haven't heard of them, makeup remover cloths are reusable (similar to a washcloth but much softer and gentler on your skin) and are made out of microfiber to lift all the makeup, dirt, and oil away with just water!  When searching for a cheaper alternative, I found these S & T Always Off Makeup Remover Cloths in a pack of 5 for just $7 with free Prime shipping, and they work SO good!

My hairdresser recently gave Mason a new hair cut, and to style it in the morning she recommended this Segbeauty Fine Mist Spray Bottle.  Seriously the best spray bottle EVER!  It's a mister, and it continues to spray for several seconds even after you've stopped squeezing the handle.  Definitely a good investment if you regularly wet your hair or your children's hair (or mist your house plants) with a spray bottle!

I'm picky about my leggings, so I was hesitant to try this pair from Amazon, but they've turned out to be my favorite pair.  I find myself reaching for them over my Zella leggings often times because they're just so comfortable.  And for $16, you can't beat the price!
These earrings are the perfect dupes of these earrings from BaubleBar that are more than triple the price!  I was so happy with them that I ended up also purchasing this pair and this pair, which are dupes of this pair and this pair from BaubleBar.  I'm extremely happy with the quality of all 3 pairs - and the fact that I saved myself nearly $80!

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