Fall Target Haul

Tee (TTS)  /  Jeans (size down)  /  Booties (TTS)
Necklace  /  Earrings (10% off with code 19WINDSOR)

There are so many great items at Target right now, and I'm rounding up all of my favorites in this post.  With the release of all the new clothing lines at Target, like Universal Thread, A New Day, and Wild Fable, to name just a few, I'm now even buying my jeans there - when I used to be a strictly designer jeans kind of girl.  If you haven't bought clothes at Target in awhile, give them a try again.  They've really stepped up their game over the past year!  You can find the current trends at a fraction of the price, and they have some great designer dupes - like my sweater above from the A New Day "cozy" line that is nearly identical to the Gibson cozy fleece items at Nordstrom that are nearly triple the price.  And yes, my toddler Wyatt is taking a flying leap on my bed behind me.  He consistently provides the best photo bombs for my pics!

 Sweater  /  Jeans (size down)  /  Shoes (size down half size)

Cardigan  /  Cami  /  Jeans (size down) /  Necklace
Heels  /  Earrings (10% off with code 19WINDSOR) 

Cardigan   /  Cami  /  Necklace

Tee (TTS)  /  Necklace  /  Jeans  /  Tote

  Jeans (TTS)  /  Cami  /  Necklace  /  Heels (TTS)  /  Tote

 Shoes (size down half size)

 Tee (TTS)  /  Jeans (TTS)  /  Tote

Booties (under $40! True to size)

Vest  /  Cami  /  Jeans (size down)  /  Necklace  /  Earrings (save 10% with 19WINDSOR)