Spring Essentials Under $50

Pocket Tank ($18.50)
Straw Tote ($39.99)
Sheer Cardigan ($49.50)
Pink Denim  ($35)

The weather is finally warming up in the Midwest, and I'm in the mood to do some spring shopping!  If you're short on cash but want to update your closet for spring, these are the 5 pieces that I recommend - and they're all under $50.

In other news, we've had some major life changes going on in our household this week.  Jim recently started a new job, which means that Wyatt had to start daycare for the first time ever.  He had a horrible two weeks and hasn't adjusted well AT ALL, and after much deliberation, we've decided that I'm going to quit my job as a corporate accountant to pursue Nineteen Windsor full-time and stay home with my babies.  It's such a scary time, but also SO exciting, so please keep our family in your prayers!  And THANK YOU to everyone reading this!  I wouldn't even have this option if it weren't for you!

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