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Here are this week's hottest posts from the Nineteen Windsor Facebook page!  You've probably heard that Facebook has made some changes to its algorithm so that readers see more posts from family and friends and less from businesses and blogs.  A lot of bloggers have been having a hard time connecting with their readers on Facebook for the past week or so.  If you aren't seeing posts from your favorite blogs or businesses, you can go into your settings on Facebook and change your notifications so that you'll be notified when they post new items.  Or just keep liking and commenting on your favorite pages - this way Facebook knows that you like it and want to see more!  Long story short, since Facebook has been a bit unreliable in getting my content to my readers (because Facebook is my number one platform!) I wanted to make sure you guys had a surefire way to see the best posts each week.

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 Did your favorite look this week make the list?  Do you own any of these items, and if so, how do you like them?  Leave your answers in the comments!