Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Facebook Lately - 1st week of February

In case you haven't made it over to the Nineteen Windsor Facebook page lately, here's a recap of some of my favorites posts from the past week.  I made a huge Target run and picked up a ton of cute and affordable items!  And don't forget to like and follow Nineteen Windsor on Facebook to see these looks as soon as they're posted.  Unfortunately, sometimes the items sell out quickly and may already be gone by the time they finally make it over to the blog.  Every single one of these posts features my new favorite jeans - which are only $28 and have been the most purchased item of the week by Nineteen Windsor readers! 


For even more outfit inspiration, you can follow along over on Instagram and Pinterest.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  We are in the midst of a snowstorm here, so I'll be snuggling by the fire with a good book all weekend.  Just kidding - I'll actually be cleaning my house and caring for my sick toddler!  But one can dream...

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