Lately ...

Hey guys!  Are you all enjoying the cooler fall weather?  I definitely am.  I just wish it lasted longer! 

I just wanted to catch up and share a few things that I've been up to lately.  I'm currently reading Mary Kubica's newest novel "Every Last Lie".  It's about a woman whose husband dies in a car crash.  The crash is ruled an accident by the police, but she's convinced foul play was involved.  As she tries to uncover the truth about the accident, she finds out her husband was keeping some major secrets from her.  So far it's good, but I'll have to give you an update once I finish it!  Mary Kubica became one of my favorite authors when I read "The Good Girl".  That one is definitely a must-read! 

In other news, I'm loving Old Navy's fall collection!  I picked up this cute army green utility shirt that I've been wearing non-stop, as well as the tunic/cardigan combo below.  The tunic is currently sold out, but I'm hoping it will come back in stock so I can grab it in a few more colors.  

Old Navy Tunic // Old Navy Cardigan // Jeans // Wedges (On sale for $32!) // Similar Bag
I landed a sponsored post on Instagram where I had to come up with a simple recipe using Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning, which truthfully I'd never used before.  Turns out it's apparently AMAZING on pretty much everything.  I made these simple loaded potato skin bites ... and my husband said that they are "the best thing he's ever eaten".  He travels for his job and eats at some pretty amazing restaurants on business dinners, and incidentally he's kind of become a food snob.  So when he compliments dinner, I know he means it!  Here's the super simple recipe:
1 lb fingerling potatoes
2 T. butter or olive oil
Cooked and crumbled bacon to taste
Chopped scallions to taste  
Steam or boil the potatoes until tender.  Heat the oil or butter in a skillet over medium-high heat.  Add the potatoes to the skillet, letting them crisp up slightly on all sides.  Remove from heat and add 1 T. of Ranch seasoning & salad dressing mix.  Top with bacon and scallions.   
I added the seasoning to our grilled pork chops and green beans also, and it was excellent on those as well.  I've read it's really good on popcorn too.  Who knew?!  

Have you tried the Ranch seasoning before?  What recipes do you use it in?  I'd love some more ideas on how to use it!

I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week!  I'm working on something exciting for the blog that I can't wait to share with you!  I'll give you a hint ... it involves Pinterest so make sure you're following.  I'm about to make your fall and winter shopping a whole lot easier!