Sexy Swimsuits That Cover Your Stomach

Since having my boys, bathing suit shopping has become a less than pleasant experience.  I still want a sexy suit, but I want it to cover that trouble tummy area that so many of us get after having kids.  That's why I'm so excited for the high waisted bikinis that are in style this year!

Since I've put off bathing suit shopping well into the summer, there are some great sales right now - especially with the 4th right around the corner!  Macy's is having a killer swimwear sale right now.  I just ordered this one yesterday - originally $98, but right now it's on sale for only $36 when you use the promo code "FOURTH" on top of the already low sale price.

Here are a few of my favorite stomach-hiding suits of the year under $100!  My personal favorite suit, that I actually bought last year, is this one from Target - and it's under $40!

One Pieces:
Two Pieces:
What do you think about the high-waisted bathing suit bottom trend?  Love it or hate it?

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