My Picks for Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale
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Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us ... and with it comes lots of great sales!  The Nordstrom half-yearly sale is going on through June 5, and there are SO many great deals.  I'm loving the new trench vest trend, and this one is under $60!  The men's shirt I included is my husband's absolute
favorite button-down.  In fact, it's the only dress shirt he'll wear.  And because it's non-iron, it also happens to be my favorite men's dress shirt.  You can literally take this shirt out of the dryer and it looks like it's been pressed at the cleaners.  And you save SO much money by not having to dry clean!  So we stock up every time Nordstrom has them on sale.  It comes in tons of colors and patterns, and some of them are only $30 right now.  They go fast, so hurry if you plan on buying some!  The Lush tunic (number 7) is one of my favorite purchases of the year.  I have it in white, and I'm going to grab it in black too.  It runs a little big, so you might want to size down if you are between sizes.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  Anyone have big plans?  I'm just going to relax and hang with my boys ... my favorite thing to do. :)