Happy Birthday Wyatt!

I cannot believe my little baby Wyatt is one already!  Time really does fly.  I wanted to share a few of his one year pictures with you guys, which were taken by the talented Kayte at Legacy Portraits!  She did this super cute cake smash with him, and before we started she asked me if he liked cake.  She said many of the kids cry and refuse to eat the cake.  Nope - not my kids (or anyone in our family for that matter)!  We actually had to force him to stop eating at the end of the shoot or he would have devoured the entire thing.  I was hoping I'd get to sneak a piece for myself but there was nothing left but crumbs by the end.  In retrospect I totally should have stopped him sooner because he threw up blue icing all day long. 
Let the cuteness begin!

And for comparison, here is Mason (my 5 year old) in his one year pictures.  I think they look so much alike, but maybe it's just because they're both bald?

And a few more pics from the party we had...

H&M Sweater  |  Ear jackets  |  Wyatt's pullover (old from Old Navy)
I am horrible at baking.  Really terrible.  Like I tried to make my own construction themed cake for Mason's 2nd birthday party, and ended up in tears at 11pm the night before the party.  The entire cake fell apart because I forgot to grease the pan, and I ended up basically holding it all together with frosting.  It was traumatic. So when I decided to make my own cupcakes for Wyatt's party (the first time I've attempted any baking since the construction cake disaster) my husband was a bit concerned.  (I was too for that matter.)  But luckily they turned out awesome!  Phew.