Glitter Gradient Manicure

Happy Friday ladies!  Just a quick post today to show you guys a super simple glitter gradient manicure I wore last week.  Although I love the convenience and the pampering of getting a manicure done at my local spa, it gets expensive quickly, so I've tried to do my own manicures as much as possible.  Since I have little ones at home and can't spend hours on my nails, I have to stick with simple and quick-drying manicures.  I adore the simplicity of a nude nail, and paired with this easy glitter gradient you have a really elegant and classy looking manicure.

I used two coats of OPI's My Very First Knockwurst, which is a really beautiful nude polish that goes on smoothly and only requires two coats.  After that's dry, use a glitter of your choice (I used Julep's Yumi) to build the gradient effect.  Start by adding glitter to the bottom third of your nail - near the cuticle.  After that dries add another coat over the first coat of glitter, but this time extend it just a tad higher on your nail, so you are close to covering half of the nail.  On my third coat, I applied the glitter to the bottom three-quarters of the nail, causing the majority of the glitter to be concentrated at the base of the nail and just a sprinkling to extend toward the tips.  I finish all of my manicures with Seche Vite quick-drying top coat.  You can even put it over wet nails!!!  It's amazing and a must-have if you hate waiting for your nails to dry.

I know, I know, you're all thinking six coats is NOT simple and quick, but I promise you it was!  I painted on the two coats of nude in the evening before I went to bed, and whipped out this glitter gradient while the boys were eating lunch the next day.  It was done and dry in 10 minutes flat (thanks to the Seche Vite)!  Another variation that's gorgeous is glitter tips, and that only takes 1 coat of glitter!  And using glitter on the tips makes your manicure last longer without chipping, and who doesn't love that?  There's nothing more annoying that having your mani chip after a few days.  So give it a try and let me know what you think!  If you try this out, post a pic and tag me on Instagram or Facebook.  I'd love to see your manis!