Spring Outfit Ideas for Toddler Boys

Outfit 3: Striped tee (only $4 and comes in 14 colors!), Denim Joggers

I struggle with finding my boys cute clothes. The little girls' department seems to exude sheer cuteness, just taunting me with all those ruffly, adorable clothes.  But I frequently find myself groaning in the boys' department because I simply can't find anything I like.  Something different that breaks out of the whole graphic tee/athletic pants trend they wear most days.  And this is simply not a problem I'm used to having.  So when I do find outfits I'm excited about, like the ones above, it's a big win! 

Wyatt just had his 1 year portraits done yesterday, and he wore the plaid button up shirt from outfit number 4.  I cannot wait to see how they turned out!  He has the cutest baby blues, and this shirt really brought them out.  Our photographer also did a cake smash with him.  He ended up putting his entire face into the cake, so those pictures should be super cute!  Then he proceeded to eat the cake.  The entire cake.  And then threw up when we got home.

He also has the denim joggers from outfit 3.  The denim is so soft they feel more like sweatpants than jeans.  No zippers or buttons so I know he's comfortable wearing them to play in and take a nap, which is really important to me when my kids are little.  I need about 5 pairs of these for him ... and maybe a larger size for myself! 

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!