Gray Side Zip Jacket

Jacket  |  Denim |  Moto boots (on sale!)  |  Michael Kors bag  |  Fur keychain (on sale!)  |   Watch
Necklace  |  Pineapple iPhone case (love it!)

Hi beauties!  Today I wanted to share some pictures of the super cute, ultra comfy side zip jacket that I wore to my father-in-law's birthday celebration over the weekend.  I picked this up at a local boutique called Sugar Love.  They have such cute items that are very affordable, and it's literally 2 minutes from my house - so I end up stopping in all the time.  Although this is a jacket, I tend to wear it as my shirt and still wear a coat over it in the winter.  Sorry for the low quality photos ... it was a horribly dreary day with no sunshine and it was COLD!

Reading is one of my favorite past times, although I don't have much free time with two crazy little boys at home!  I'm currently reading Dismantled by Jennifer McMahon.  It's really good so far - a mystery, suspense, thriller with a little ghost story thrown in!  I'm going to link to the books I'm currently reading over in the sidebar, so if you like to read you can join me and we can chat about it on here, Facebook, or Instagram.   

 Hope you are all having a fantastic week!  Thanks for stopping by.