Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Currently Coveting

Hi lovely ladies!  I hope everyone had a nice Easter!  We had beautiful weather here, close to 70 degrees, so we spent most of the day outside enjoying it.  Unfortunately, it's cooled off again so I'm back sporting a coat for now.

Here are a few of the items I'm currently coveting...

I just purchased this "Boy Mom" shirt this morning.  I'm a stay at home mom, so shirts like these are a staple for me.  It's so cute and so perfect for days we are just hanging around the house or running errands.  If you have a little girl instead, the Mama n Munchkins site has some other cute "mom life" shirts to check out!  Love the "no days off" shirt.  So very true.

I'm OBSESSED with the Clare V fold over leopard clutch.  I just can't bring myself to spend that much on a clutch I'll only use once in a while.  I think I'm going to purchase this one instead since it's a fraction of the price.

Chunky heels are in this spring/summer, and I need to get a pair.  These are the ones I've been eyeing.  I love a good nude colored heel!  You can never have too many in your closet.

This candle ... why can't I stop thinking about this candle?!  Everyone keeps raving about the Diptyque candles, and I really want to find out what all the hype is about.  This will be going on my birthday list.  I'm turning 32 in April, which totally blows my mind since I can't wrap my head around being older than 30.  I went to the McDonald's drive thru the other day (which is Mason and every other kid on the planet's favorite restaurant) and the high school kid taking my money called me ma'am.  That DID NOT make me happy.  When did I get old enough to be called ma'am?!

I'm obsessed with coffee table books right now ... which is a bit ironic since I don't own a coffee table.  A stack of pretty fashion books is always a winner on the home d├ęcor front, even if they don't go on a coffee table. 

Also, I'm linking up with Pumps and Push Ups blog today, so head over and check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope everyone has a fabulous week!  Wyatt's first birthday party is this  weekend, so I'll be busy planning and getting ready for it over the next few days.  I do know he won't remember this party at all, or even understand what the heck is going on, but I always go overboard on my kid's birthday parties.  We are keeping this one very low key, but I'm still super stressed out about making it absolutely perfect.  I'll be spending the rest of my week cleaning the house like a madwoman and making super cute appetizers and fancy cupcakes.  I'll try to get a post up next week so I can show you how it turns out!


  1. Love every piece!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

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  3. I am definitely one who raves about Diptyque candles! I just love how clean and pretty they look in a room. BUT, there are some that are VERY strong and give me a headache when lit. haha. The first one I got was Ambre, but it gives me a massive headache, so I just use it as a decor piece, which I totally don't mind! But Vanille is definitely my favorite so far! Its a soft and subtle scent, and I can have it lit for hours and not realize it, where as most of any candles start to fume up the place after 20 minutes haha. :)

    1. Thanks for the comment Hayley! It's so hard to find candles that are strong enough to actually make your home smell good. Now I really can't wait to try these!